• Mike McNulty

Warrior Flow 

Warrior Flow - is a system of fighting designed to train people through a “Warrior Mindset”, to fight effectively “in the body” that they already have so that if they have to fight, to be able to win the fight. Especially if it’s for their lives! We train you to bring the fight right to the enemy with ruthless efficiency for the sole purpose of ending the fight as quickly as possible. So we train you from the very start to possess the “Moral Certainty” and “Perfect Clarity” to push past fear and know what to do, and be able and willing to do something about it. Our philosophy is: proficiency fosters competence, which enables you to stand in that space between courage and fear called “confidence”. You see the only fight that really matters, that really counts, is the one you win for your life or those you protect, everything else is all bullshit, a duel, a game. Now, virtually all martial arts show you “tools and techniques” but not how to actually use them in a real fight… because they don’t know how. So instead, they actually train you away from how the body works under dynamic conditions. What makes us “unique” is our focus is on developing you in the body “first” refining your movement as you grow in skill. We do this through a method of training and exercises that not only develop your fighting skills, but enable you to continually improve to the point where your movement becomes so “refined” you “transcend technique”. Making your movement better! Now, envision in your mind just for a moment already occupying that space of feeling stronger more capable than before, “better”. “That’s” what you want! So what do you want to do?

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