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“Find Your Way”

Welcome to Warriors Way Combatives!

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You are about to embark on a journey of martial discovery that has physical, transformational and life changing implications. This newsletter will be the first in a line of newsletters that will guide you along this journey of higher martial skill and development.

While many have heard stories promising secret esoteric techniques, death touches and fists of fury mostly created in the entertainment arena. Before you write all of this off as the usual hyperbole, I want you to do something for me.

For now, I want you to suspend disbelief, not your common sense just disbelief. I want you to think back to a time when your mind and body was free, where you thought you could do anything and at that time in your life you were pretty much able too.

I want you to go back to that time where all you needed was to see your favorite sports figure or action star in a movie do something that was seemingly impossible to inspire you.

It only took an image, a word, or a thought to show you what the art of the possible was and off you went.

I want you to remember when you had an “ah ha” moment in your life, where you had that epiphany that hit you like a lighting bolt where you finally “got it”. I want you to recapture that feeling.

This newsletter is the first step in a process of recapturing that spirit and what we hope to be a life long pursuit of martial development and discovery.

What we Believe

Warriors Way Combatives is not just a martial “way of training” but a philosophy on life as it relates to self protection. We at WWC believe that each and every one of us has an inherent right to protect ourselves and our loved ones and that no one has the right to deny us the ability to do so. We also believe that not only do we have this right, but we are required to defend this precious gift called life.

The requirement to protect one’s self dates all the way back to when the first man raised the jaw bone of an animal and struck the head of another.

Violence is a part of our world and not much has changed throughout human history and it is likely not to change anytime soon. The sooner you accept this fact the better off you’re going to be.

Understand that the time to figure out how to protect yourself and your loved ones is not when the attack is going down but before hand.

The point is the need to protect yourself and your loved ones is not new and will always exist.

In order to achieve this there are several things that must take place.

First, it begins with your “Mindset” not just how you perceive yourself but also the world around you. How you think about violence and how to deal with it is crucial because without the proper Mindset no amount of martial development matters if you lack the “Moral Will” and “Moral Certainty” if you have to take action.

Second, you must train with the proper modality of training that is based on combative principles of body movement dynamics rooted in reality.

As I’ve said to people especially those I’ve trained in the Marine Corps,

“You can know how to fight and be deadly without being fit but being fit does not mean you can fight. Now if you have both then you really have something but never confuse the two, for one is not equal to the other…”

Find your Way

The WWC motto is,

“Find Your Way…”

We all have limitations to one degree or another and let’s face it some people are bigger than others; some are stronger or faster than others.

These are facts that cannot be ignored but to be dealt with and any system of fighting that does not take this into consideration is worthless at best.

Our training methods take these things into consideration to teach you how to effective deal with these advantages. So, we focus on what people can do with the body they have and not necessarily the body they may have had or would like to have. We will return to this theme in subsequent newsletters to teach you how to deal with these factors.

The vast majority of people we train are people from all walks of life they are from law enforcement, the military, they are painters, journalist, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, electricians, bankers, housewives you name it!

All who have one thing in common they all want an effective system of fighting based on real skill development to protect themselves and their loved ones.

They do not want sportive techniques that would only work if you were a champion fighter in those systems usually against people who are not out to take your life. They want simple effective skills that work that don’t require you to be a super athlete.

This is why we do, what we do, the way we do it. This is our “raison d’être”.

The Method in a Nutshell

The training begins with teaching you about the true principles that govern the body movement dynamics of a real confrontation as well as how to become “more aware” to potentially head off an attack “before it happens”.

Next, we teach you how to develop these qualities within your body through the proper modality of training focusing on a variety of exercises in order to create the foundation and necessary skill you desire.

Additionally, we will teach you not just how to strike but how to “strike for effect” anywhere anyplace.

Most importantly the training will develop your ability to fight effectively with the body that you already have and will teach you how to work around any physical limitations.

Final Thoughts

When I teach people how to fight, I try to think in the back of my mind, “If this were the last thing I was going to tell this person what, would I want them to know? What would I want their Mindset to be? What skills would I want them to have?

Understand that knowing how to fight with the right Mindset is not about being brave or being a hero but merely accepting what is before you for what it really is and doing what must be done. That’s all.

One thing I want you to leave you with that we will tackle sometime later on and that’s “irrational fear” and how to eliminate it or at least control it for it is such fear that causes even the bravest among us to hesitate.

You do not want the spirit of irrational fear but the confidence that can only come through having real proficiency and Martial Skill.

This is the WWC Way…

Once again welcome to Warriors Way Combatives and thank you for joining us on this journey together.

Mike McNulty, CEO & Founder

Warrior Way Combatives LLC

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