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As a Certified Warrior Flow Training Center and Member of the International Warrior Arts Association (IWAA), we are committed to teaching you through proven principles of combative movement originated by Grandmaster John C. Perkins, and the Warrior Flow Training Methodologies and Concepts developed by Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour, USMC (ret), Creator and Head of Warrior Flow.


Warriors Way Combatives offers a variety of training from hand-to-hand combat, too basic firearms instruction and advanced firearms training. We also specialize in practical weapons training too include knife fighting, hatchets, tactical tomahawks, cane fighting and more!


Warriors Way Mission

To revolutionize the way people, move in the body they have regardless of size or physical limitations to defend themselves and their loved ones. We offer a modality of training to help them achieve their martial goals through combative movement. We develop this because we have principles within the laws of physics of how humans move universally with a martial application.


When it comes to being prepared the time to think about it is not when it is needed to save your life and the lives of those you love.

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Mike McNulty

Founder & CEO

Michael McNulty, is a Marine Corps Veteran with over 40 years of martial arts training and teaching experience. He holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Guided Chaos and has been teaching martial arts for 15 years. 

He is a Certified Instructor in Guided Chaos which is affiliated under the International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF).

Mike is a certified Master Instructor in the art of Warrior Flow and Is co Founder of the International Warrior Arts Association.

He started training in Martial Arts at the age of 14 and has studied a variety of fighting systems such as World War II Combatives, Isshin-Ryu Karate, Boxing and Wrestling.

His personal philosophy is that within everyone, regardless of size, speed or strength is a warrior waiting to get out. By developing people though the proper modality of training they can not only learn to move and fight but to “overcome” fear, to become “better”.

Michael served in the United States Marine Corps from [1979 to 1985], is active in the Oakland, NJ community and is the Sr. Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League Lakeland Detachment.



Lt. Col. Al Ridenhour USMC (Retired)

Senior Master Instructor 7th Degree Guided Chaos


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Kevin O Leary

Vice President

Kevin O’Leary, is a US Marine Corps Veteran with over 25 years of professional bouncing, martial arts training and teaching experience. He holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Guided Chaos and has been teaching martial arts for 5 years.

He is a Certified Instructor in Guided Chaos, which is affiliated under the International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF). Kevin is a certified Senior instructor in  the Warrior Flow System and a member of the International Warrior Arts Association.

While he is trained in a variety of controlling and restraint techniques he is also trained in World War II Combatives and Boxing.

Based on his experiences in the military and as a professional bouncer, he understands the importance of helping people master themselves in order to “overcome” fear. By developing people though the proper modality of training they can not only learn to move and fight but to achieve their goals and become “better”.

Kevin served in the United States Marine Corps from [1978 to 1981], is active in the Oakland, NJ community and is the Jr. Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League Lakeland Detachment.

Warriors Way Combatives LLC

Exceeding Your Expectations


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Exceeding Your Expectations



The Rosetta Stone was found in Egypt in 1799 (originally issued in 196 BC during the Ptolemaic dynasty) proved to be the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Newtonian physics, also called Newtonian or classical mechanics, vastly increased our understanding of forces acting on matter.


Each one was instrumental toward deepening our understanding of a larger world.


Well what if we told you that just as profound as these two discoveries were, there was a knowledge of fighting that went beyond physical ability--that was available to you right now?


Very few people ever truly learn to use both body and mind to move more naturally. Instead they'll engage in “excessive moment” before they strike or evade. Truly "natural" movement would finally unite body and mind and eliminate wasteful and ineffective motion.


The question you’re probably asking now is, “OKAY, THAT’S FINE AND DANDY, BUT HOW DO I ACHIEVE THAT LOFTY GOAL?”




Call for more information Mike McNulty– 732-213-5264 Kevin O Leary_ 201-707-5618

What is Warrior Flow


Thucydides states in the History of the Peloponnesian War, the war between Sparta and Athens that,


“All men are basically the same and he who is best is trained in the severest of schools.”


What was true then is still true today…


You’re either trained or you’re not, it’s really that simple and the sage words of Thucydides ring as true today as they did in 5th century BC.


In his day being a warrior was the highest level of attainment that an Athenian could achieve for no one was nobler and admired than the man who could stand in the breach and protect his family, his nation, “Athens”. In some accounts of Greek Mythology, even the lineage of the warrior was one covered with honor for example,


“A god and a human produced a demigod, a demigod and a human produced a warrior, a warrior, and a human produced a man…”


Even today with the resurgence of the warrior ethos you see a return a “yearning” for this way of thinking because in the way of the warrior are imbued all of the traits that are most admired. Courage, faith, loyalty, selflessness, sacrifice.


This resurgence has led to the explosion of programs like CrossFit, Tough Mudder and Spartan Run and a whole host of warrior-like challenges and exercise programs. All good stuff. Heck, there’s even an entertainment show that explores this called “Ninja Warrior” and the list goes on. This desire to endure challenges, hardships, to have our metal tested, to stand for something greater than ourselves should not be underestimated.


But there is something else that people have also deduced for themselves that the traits of the warrior also enable one to perform at a level that seems to exceed what we think we are capable of. That there is a mindset, a thought process that transcends what our physical bodies seem to be able to accomplish, that thing that separates two people of relative equal physical ability yet their performance is literally as far apart as Heaven is to Hell.


This is the essence of Warrior Flow the question is,


What is it you want?


What is it you’d like to be able to do?


For most people it is simply to know they have a set of skills that allows them to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones if their moment of truth arrives. Let’s face it most of us want to be able to go about our lives and live in peace. However, as life has taught us reality can be a cruel mistress.


Knowing this the next question is,


What is it you want from a self-defense program?


While a seemly obvious question, for many of us this is not easy given all the possible choices out there and all of the conflicting information as to what is the best system for you to choose. I get it because I too was once like you. At Warrior Flow we understand that at the end of the day there are a few things that are for certain,


  1. your time is precious and valuable and if you’re going to train in something you’re going to want to train in something that is simple in the shortest amount of time, highly effect and;

  2. that it is something that you are capable of doing where it doesn’t require you be an Olympic athlete to be able to develop the skill you desire


Warrior Flow trains you based on sound concepts of not only how the human body moves, but how to fight with the body you already have with “ruthless efficiency”.

You see, the way of the warrior and attaining the skills of the warrior are available to anyone who is willing to pay the price. To develop the ability to achieve above what they think they are capable of in the body they already have through proper body movement dynamics, and learning to fundamentally “re-pattern” their body. To become better in both movement and thought and their “perceptions” of what is the art of the possible.


When you are trained to possess the “moral certainty”, “mindfulness” and “perfect clarity” to see the world as it is. Having developed and experienced in the body a set of Warrior Skills. You are capable of effectively managing and pushing past fear.

Should a situation arise, you not only know what to do but are able and willing to do something about it.


Understand, that the military does not have a monopoly on the warrior arts nor the truth. We are all human and even those like myself who have served in the military at one time in our lives we were not Marines or Soldiers, we learned and became those things.


And just as we learned so can you.


Warrior Flow is uniquely designed to create a “shift” in your body and thought process, to help you see in your mind that which is possible. But in order to do this you must first be able to feel and know it in the body.


In Warrior Flow we have a philosophy:


“Proficiency” fosters “Competence”, which enables you to stand in that space between courage and fear called “Confidence”.


Culminating in a nearly forty-years of experience both in and out of the military too include training people in the military, law enforcement and people who provide VIP protection on five continents. This Warrior Flow is specifically designed to help you achieve a level of Warrior Skill and the “presence” to stand in that space where you choose to position yourself both in the world.


At some point in your life, I don’t care who you are you have to choose whether to stand on that bridge and “own it”. To draw that line in the sand so to speak.


Imagine for yourself, that I idealized self the person you not only want to be but were born to be. Imagine, seeing in your mind just for a moment standing in that space at a point in the future looking back from where you were. Already, feeling yourself occupying that space, stronger more capable than before, “better”.


Warrior Flow training is dedicated to developing individuals both mentally and physically achieve a level of “gravitas” they never thought possible so you can access that.




Let me be frank here, there are a number of systems that teach you how to defend yourself from in my view a position of “fear”. Their training methodology and mindset “ooze” with the “spirit of fear”. They act as if the bag guys are 10’ft tall and breath fire from their nostrils.


In my opinion this not only serves to reinforce people’s fears but is a severe weakness of most self-defense training programs because, “they give the bad guy’s way too much credit”. Listen just because a person has the ability to be evil doesn’t make them tough or brave.


This doesn’t mean they are not dangerous but they are “not gods” either. This way of thinking is what I mean by the spirit of fear and has no place in any serious self-defense program. The truth is all men are basically the same and you’re either trained or you’re not.


Unlike 99% of fighting systems Warrior Flow is designed for a discerning palate and serious minded people who want to learn the warrior arts to protect themselves and their loved ones.


We do not teach people though the spirit of fear or to merely survive an encounter but to win the fight! Yes, win the fight! Because in a fight that may be for your life “losing” is not an option so you need to train to ensure your sword prevails in battle and win the fight!

My friend, I'm not here nor is it my desire to try and convince people of the truth, only to deliver it to those who seek it, and I have to be true to what I know works.


The only question now is what do you want to do?


If you believe you are ready for the next step in your development, then you need to take the leap of faith.


I promise you the change is forever…

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